Story 2

Language Gap of International Students

Ahsan Habib


ENGLISH is the world wide accepted international language. Each year number of students comes to UK for getting higher education. Students from round the world choice the countries universities for their long contribution in knowledge arena. Second reason for choosing UK is their language.

Teesside University admits lots of student every year from abroad. One of the criterions for getting admission in Teesside is the language skill. English is the second language for international students. Language some time creates barrier for these students in achieving good results.

To reduce this problem regarding language for the international students the university has taken number of initiatives. When I ask about the details of these programmes to Gaynor Ford, the English language tutor at the University said: “Well we have number of courses for helping the international students”.

Gaynor Ford also said that for supporting the international students the University also runs the English language cafe three afternoons in a week. Here the students in an informal environment can practice their language with other international students.

Students who regularly come to this café are satisfied with this initiative.  They said that they are satisfied with the language café. It is fruitful for them.

When I asked these students does language creates any differences among their relations with home students. They said those with 1st language as English have some advantages compared to the international students. They also said that this difference regarding language is manageable.

If a student sincerely try to improve his/her English, its possible. But for this every students need to be sincere and have to work hard.

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