The Bangladesh Censorship of Film Rules, 1977

Ahsan Habib

Hello! This is Ahsan. Working for Bangladesh Betar (Radio) at the traffic FM desk holding the chair of Deputy Director. The organization is the only state owned audio mass media in the country for about 160 million people. My designation gives me the responsibility to operate the Traffic Broadcast Service (Traffic FM 88.8) for the dwellers of Dhaka city. Traffic FM 88.8 is the first FM service in Bangladesh starting its operation from 26th May 2005 targeting the youth listeners of Dhaka and I am the deputy in-charge of this iconic radio channel. During my last twelve years of radio career I got the opportunity to work with the online radio station of Teesside University in United Kingdom for 1 year. I also worked as erstwhile radio producer in BBC Media Action for 1 year in 2014.

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