Award Received

Gold World Medal : 2008

Award certificate from New York International Radio Festivals 2008

Achieved “Gold World Medal” for editing radio documentary on Climate Change issue in 2008. Titled “Living in Insecure Ground: Fight against natures’ power” Organized by New York International Radio Festival, USA.  The result is available at here. Bangladesh Betar and Deutschewella Radio jointly produced this programme.

The focus area of this radio documentary was the Gaibandha zone at the northern part of Bangladesh, where people are most vulnerable to recurrent flood attacks.  In this radio documentary, my self and Mr. Peter Koppen from Deutschewella radio  tried to figure out how the innocent rural people in a remote village/char land of Bangladesh become the victims of widely articulated climate change issue. Although in our findings,  they are not responsible for the cause despite they are the stakeholders who had to pay the maximum cost.



UNDP Award : 2006

Award certificate from UNDP, Bangladesh 2006.

UNDP Award received for presenting paper on “Promoting Integrity and Reducing Corruption in Bangladesh”, Organized jointly by  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP ) and Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC) in 2006.

It was an open competition financed by UNDP among 180 fresh civil servants from around 28 cadres of Bangladesh Civil Service.  In this essay, a young civil servant depicted his vision to minimize grand corruption in the public sector and bring maximum out come from the investment of tax payers’ money in Bangladesh. Word limit for this essay was 1800 only.  However, for reading the article please click here .


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