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Living on Insecure Ground : The Fight Against Nature’s Power

Living on Insecure Ground: Fight Against Nature’s Power is a radio documentary programme.

This programme is produced by Peter Koppen and Dewan Mohammad Ahsan Habib. This is a co-production between Deutsche Wella Radio and Bangladesh Betar.

Mr. Peter and Ahsan jointly received Gold World Medal for editing this programme. The award was declared from New York International Radio Festival 2008, USA.

For listening the programme please click the play button below:


Letter To Mankind : Program on Changes needed in achieving the MDGs in Bangladesh
The programmed on aired in 20th March 2007 from External service, Bangladesh Betar (Radio).

Letter to Mankind is radio documentary, focusing on the achievement of MDG’s in Bangladesh and in some cases suggestions for accelerating the achievement.

The participants of the programme are Laily Mowla (Presenter), Mahmudur Rahman (Narrator), Kofi Anan (Former Secretary General, UN), Prof. Dr. T A Chowdhury (Gynae Expert), Dr. Parveen Fatima (Gynae Expert), Lutfunnesa Mukta (HIV/AIDS Victim), Dewan Sabrina Sharmin (English Version), Mr. Karim (Farmer), Syed Ashfaqul Hasan (English Version), Prof. Dr. Atiur Rahman (Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank), Prof. Dr. Siddiqur Rahman (Educationist), Sharmin Rahman Chaity (Singer) and Azad Minto (Music Producer).

This radio doc was produced for paricipating  Asia Pacific MDGs Media Award 2007.

The programme is compiled, edited and produced by Dewan Mohammad Ahsan Habib.

For listening the programme please click the play button below:


Bandhan (Inter Radio Stations Programme)

Bandhan is a inter radio stations musical exchange programme. This episode produced in Chittagong Regional Station of Bangladesh Betar (Radio) in 2009 and and on aired in 13 june 2009. The language of the programme is Bangla.

The songs and their details are as followed:
1. Pora bashi tare ( পোড়া বাঁশি টারে), Artist:  Tasmina chowdhury Orin, Lyric: Md. Obaidullah, Tune: Abu Taher.

2. Tumi Kotha ami sur (তুমি কথা আমি সুর), Artist: Subrata Das Aunuj, Lyric: Deen Md. Akand, Tune: Shakawat Hossain.

3. ki deye jurai ore jala re (কি দিয়ে জুড়াই প্রেমের জ্বালা), Artist: Kalyani Gosh, Lyric and Tune: Romesh Shill.

4. Hridoye to ektai, deya jai ekbar (হঋদয় তো এটাই দেয়া যায় একবার), Artist: Syfuddin Mahmud Khan, Lyric: Shafi Sumon, Tune: Syedul Haque.

5. Shinkho nodir mazhee i toar loge raji (শঙ্খ নদির মাঝি আই তোয়ার লগে রাজি), Artist: Joly Das, Lyric and tune: Abdul Gafur Hali.

The programme presented by Mr. Shahidur Rahman and produced by Dewan Mohammad Ahsan Habib.

For listening the programme please click the play button below:


Promotional Music:

This is a promotional music produced for the External Services of Bangladesh Betar in 2007. Voice Given by Mr Mesbah, Staff Artist, Bangla Section, External Service, Bangladesh Betar.

Produced by Dewan Mohammad Ahsan Habib.

For listening the music please click the play button below:


Quest for Life (হারায়ে খুঁজি)

Quest for Life (হারায়ে খুঁজি) is a radio drama on climate change issue produced from Bangladesh Betar for participation in ABU prize Award 2008 held in Bali Indonesia on November 2008. The programme was on aired in 5th June 2008.

The theme of the Drama:
After being attacked by a terrible cyclone in the coastal area of Bangladesh, a girl is going to her village from Dhaka to find out her near ones. She don’t know about her keens as total communication system was devastated. In the road, she came to know that even money is worthless in the affected area as neither food nor other basic goods are available there!

This is the 2 min duration promo of the original drama. The programme was listed in top 4 of its category in the ABU Prize award 2008 competition.

The producer of this Drama is Dewan Mohammad Ahsan Habib.

For listening the promo, please click the play button below:


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